Your Ultimate Guide On Getting A Frozen Yoghurt Franchise In The UK

Your Ultimate Guide On Getting A Frozen Yoghurt Franchise In The UK

From the same company that introduced Fresh Healthy Vending comes another ground-breaking approach to frozen yoghurt franchising. Reis and Irvy’s is the world’s first ever robotic Froyo vending machine. For those who are planning to be one of the firsts in the industry to introduce this revolutionary approach, you need to make sure that it has a high profitability rate and that it will open amazing opportunities for your business.

Your Frozen Yoghurt Franchise of Reis and Irvy’s

The robotic vending machine is indeed a unique, aesthetically pleasing and unmanned Froyo vending machine UK which dispenses the yogurt that is available in 9 amazing flavours equipped with 6 varieties of toppings. It has the ability to make up to 60 servings of frozen yogurt in as little as an hour. The kiosk has a dimension of 3×4 on wheels which provides its mobility and the capacity to optimise your profit margin which yields a high return on investment.

Technology is changing the way we do regular things, business needs to adapt to these latest changes if they want to survive in the industry. Self-service outlet is now a thing of the past as we welcome this New Year with Reis and Irvy’s UK, a fully automated vending machine that can precisely dispense frozen yogurt in a matter of 60 seconds.

Think about the customary dessert that has become the favourite of many which will be served in a new amazing and interactive way. Everyone will surely be delighted with its convenience while maintaining the organic ingredients and the creative flavour. This Frozen Yoghurt in the UK is relatively simple to operate and require a minimum level of maintenance and is intended to generate a high amount of profit similar to a US franchise

Going robotics is taking the self-service method to a whole new level. Simply swipe your credit card or insert a coin, choose from the wide selection of combination and this frozen yoghurt vending machine UK will instantly dispense the mouth-watering treats based on your preference. Be amazed on the robotic performance of this one-of-a-kind vending machine that is designed to modernise the industry. Call Robofusion UK right away and inquire about your Frozen Yoghurt kisosk in the UK. We are not a franchise but operate a model with great ROI.