The Latest from Robofusion UK: The Frozen Yoghurt Vending Machine UK

The Latest from Robofusion UK: The Frozen Yoghurt Vending Machine UK

With frozen yoghurt being the hottest trend in the food industry, Robofusion UK’s latest release is the frozen yoghurt vending machine UK. The Cube has been making ice-cream since its release. These vending machines have been very popular with the public, and in the last year, they have been booming in the United States and Canada. Robofusion UK has released the Cube frozen yoghurt vending machine UK. All the machines use Reis and Irvys UK frozen yoghurt.

The Cube is a great option for shops and other businesses since it only takes up one square metre. The compact design allows businesses to get into the frozen yoghurt market. The machines are also fully automated. There is no need for any staff because the machines are easy to fill, and are repaired by Robofusion UK.

The Cube also works quickly to prepare each order and can make up to 60 servings every hour. All the orders are done using the touch pad on the machine. Customers can select the flavours and the toppings that they want. The customer can pay with cash, credit, and RFID, and receives their order within minutes of ordering. The Cube can hold up to 9 flavours and 6 toppings. The machine can also blend and layer up to 3 flavours at a time.

The Cube also can also be run 24 hours a day. You will need to restock the machine, but the Cube is designed to be easily restocked. The Cube also does not take long to set up, and can come with or without seating.

Customers just love the unique touch of the Cube and the fact that they can get frozen yoghurt in just a few moments. Reis and Irvy UK frozen yoghurt is a popular choice, and you can select the flavours that you think would be the most popular with your customers.

The Cube Frozen Yoghurt vending machine UK is quickly being added to movie theatres, malls, and offices. With more people loving frozen yoghurt, it makes sense that more people are trying the vending machine. They still get the same great yoghurt and can enjoy it a few moments after placing their order.

The Cube Frozen Yoghurt vending machine UK is the latest from Robofusion UK. The machine has already become successful in other areas of the world like the US. The Cube is the perfect solution for those looking to open their own frozen yogurt shop, but do not have the space or time to run it. Robofusion UK has another Cube that services ice-cream. The plan is to have more vending machines in the future. If you would like to know more about Robofusion UK, you can check out their website.