Frozen Yoghurt Vending Machines in the UK

Frozen Yoghurt Vending Machines in the UK

If you love frozen yoghurt for dessert, then you have the great opportunity of having it served in a revolutionary way. Robofusion UK has made it possible for all the customers who need to have their share of frozen yoghurt, get it easily. This is through the frozen yoghurt vending machine UK. This is delivered in the form of a fully automated robotic kiosk, which is interactive. All you need is your credit card or cash, and you can control the Froyo to get your favourite frozen yoghurt servings.

The kiosk has a robotic arm, which will fill your cup with your selected flavours of yoghurt and add the toppings that have been selected. This is quite convenient for the customers and can be a great channel for entrepreneurs to gain entry to the froyo business UK or through a froyo franchise Uk . With a vending machine as your business, you can be assured that over 60 servings are completed in an hour, which translates to higher sales volumes.

Just imagine that all the customers will get the yoghurt they crave for, without having to talk to anyone. This great innovation by Robofusion UK, has become a great sensation in the UK and it is very easy to use and quite interactive. As long as you can have 1 square meter floor space, then you can be in business since that is all the space required by this frozen yoghurt vending machine UK.

With this, you control your own business, within minimal overheads and business expenditure. For instance, you do not need to pay for large amounts of space and the machine also eliminates the need to have any employees who will be drawing a salary from your business. At the end of it all, having this frozen yoghurt vending machine UK means that you will be enjoying some cool profits, without a sweat.

Generally, the machine has been manufactured in a way that it is easy to clean and maintain. The customers have a choice of 9 flavours and 6 toppings that they can choose from. With this froyo vending machine UK, you will get to choose 3 different flavours per serving. You can have them as layers, or blended, depending on your preference. This self-service machine gives you a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the froyo obsession that seems to be the latest sensation in the UK.

For the customers who are so keen on hygiene issue, the RĒIS & IRVY’s fro-style CUBE gives you full control. As such you do not have to worry about cups, spoons or toppings that are not clean. All the worries that you would, ordinarily, get when you go to a frozen yoghurt store, have been eliminated by this amazing froyo vending machine UK.