Discover the future of frozen yogurt vending in the UK.

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Only ONE Square Metre

Frozen yoghurt vending machine designed to give you complete creative control

Incredible variety of 9 different flavours and multiple toppings

Blend your fro-yo or layer it – you decide!

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The future of frozen yogurt is here – and it is ridiculously good.

Our new Fro-Style CUBE from Robofusion has catapulted the froyo business into the future. This streamlined vending machine takes up ONLY a single square metre of floor space. With a fully automated design, the CUBE can easily churn out 60 servings of delicious, custom-made frozen yoghurt every hour. With a variety of 9 different flavours and the option to blend or layer up to 3 of them, you are spoiled for choice. The cherry on top comes in the form of a choice of 6 different toppings for your delicious fro-yo treat.


The Fro-Style 9 CUBE can fit into most spaces, budgets and settings – so join the fro-yo revolution today.

Fro-Style 9 CUBE Features

  • 60 custom servings per hour – that’s one every minute!
  • Completely customizable – layer up to 3 froyo flavours and add some toppings
  • Incredibly simple to use.
  • 24/7 operations
  • Full training, installation and support provided
  • Straightforward loading and cleaning mechanisms
  • Next to no floor space required – 1 metre squared!

The Future of Fro-Yo – the Fro-Style 9 CUBE

Retail Store

The renaissance of the UK frozen yoghurt business is here – Froyo stores have arrived!

Fully automated machines

Customizable treats exactly how you like.

9 fantastically fresh flavours to choose from.

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